AI Igniter

Digital Marketing Assessment for AI Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Everything. FAST. 

You want to leverage it, but how? You don’t have time to learn to use a new technology, let alone scratch the surface of what this evolutionary tech is truly capable of. At our agency, we've been playing with this new tech for a while and we're blown away by what it can do for digital marketing.  We designed AI Igniter to help you catch the spark of this raging technology so you can fire up your marketing and not be left behind! 

AI Igniter Helps You Light the Spark.

Let's Spark It!

What Is AI Igniter?

We've put together a quick-win service designed to assess your current digital marketing and content efforts and identify ways you can apply AI. 

AI can quickly identify trends and develop tailored strategies and content that meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring maximum efficiency with minimal manual effort. AI can help you spend less time getting past the blank page and more time on strategic thinking when it comes to content generation. With an ever-changing digital landscape, leveraging AI-powered solutions has become indispensable to staying ahead of the competition.

AI Igniter Now Only $375

How It Works

You answer 30 questions about your current marketing efforts.

In return, you get:

  • A list of AI opportunities based on your unique responses. 
  • A list of recommended platforms for your AI needs.
  • PLUS you get to choose one of the following valuable one-hour A.I. trainings:
    • How to Develop an Ideal Customer Profile
    • How to Generate a Keyword List
    • How to Create a Content Generating Prompt

You'll finally have clarity about where to get an AI implementation started within your digital marketing program.

DOUBLE PLUS, if you decide to become a client for recurring support services within 30 days of completing the Igniter, we'll credit you 50% of the purchase price off your first invoice and the other 50% on your second invoice. That makes this offer FREE when you sign up to become a Front Burner Marketing client!

Don't wait and risk falling behind! Sign up for our AI Igniter today and discover how you can start using this new technology NOW to turn up the heat on your marketing!

AI assessment for digital marketing