Maximize Your Customer Relationship Management System!

CRMs can be challenging to set-up and difficult for teams to learn and adopt. That's why over 40% of HubSpot users rely on Partners, like Front Burner, to get the most out of their investment! We make the set-up and onboarding process simple and quick, so you can experience the value of HubSpot faster!

Considering doing your onboarding with HubSpot? Keep in mind that HubSpot's scope only includes showing you how to do things, while ours entails a combination of teaching and doing. We actually handle the Hub set-up for you and then we train, not just show, you how to navigate your new portal!

Ready. Set. Get Onboard!

Start with Essentials

Base Price $2,750* Includes Items Below Plus Set-up of One Hub 

Onboarding Kick-off Call

HubSpot Account Set-up

  • Add Your Team to HubSpot
  • Configure Account Defaults
  • Apply Brand Guidelines & Logos
  • Email Send Domain & Subdomains
  • Configure Core Settings

Analytics Tools Set-up

  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Filter Internal IP Addresses
  • Install Tracking Code on 3rd Party Sites


  • Review & Connect Integrations
  • Connect Personal Email Inbox(es)

CRM Set-up

  • Academy Training on HubSpot CRM
  • File Import Preparation Call
  • Import Your Contacts & Companies
  • Create Custom Properties


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Add Marketing Hub

Included in Base or Add $1,200 if 2nd Hub

Onboarding Kick-off Call

Marketing Hub Essentials Set-up

  • Connect Ads Accounts in HubSpot
  • Email Configuration Settings

Marketing Hub Defaults

  • Lead Revisit Notifications
  • Create Buyer Personas
  • Connect Social Accounts

Email Settings

  • Email Subscription Types

Website Optimization

  • Replace Existing Forms with HubSpot Forms
  • Replace Existing CTAs with HubSpot CTAs

Conversations Setup

  • Live Chat
  • Facebook Messenger Channel

Marketing Reporting Dashboard


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And / Or Add Sales Hub

Included in Base or Add $1,200 if 2nd Hub

Onboarding Kick-off Call

Closing Sales in HubSpot

  • Set Default Deal Amount
  • Customize the 'Create deal' Form
  • Create Pipeline & Deal Stages
  • Create Up to 2 Pipeline Automations

Managing Sales Team

  • Connect Sales Rep Inbox(es)
  • Create Sales Team
  • Create Profile & Email Signatures

Sales Extensions and Integrations

  • Set-up HubSpot Sales Email extension for Chrome & Office

Prospecting Good Fit Leads

  • Create Custom Sales Properties
  • Configure Lead Status
  • Create Contact Filters & Views

Connecting with Your Contacts

  • Create 3 Sales Templates
  • Create 1 Sequence (Sales Pro Only)
  • Set-up HubSpot Meetings
  • Create Meetings Link
  • Configure Call Outcomes & Meeting Types

Sales Reporting Dashboard


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And / Or Add Service Hub

Included in Base or Add $1,200 if 2nd Hub

Onboarding Kick-off Call

Setting up Help Desk

Setting up Conversations and Live Chat 

Setting up Tickets 

Setting Up Your Knowledge Base

Setting up your Customer Portal

Setting up Customer Feedback

Inbound Calling [BETA]

Service Activity Reports

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