Digital Marketing Pro Certification

Get the skills you need to speak loud and clear to the right audiences!

Do you struggle to stay on top of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape? Can you see the value of knowing exactly how to get GOOD leads for your organization? Are you looking for a way to PROVE that you can develop and execute a marketing strategy? Then this info session is for you! 

The greatest professional challenge of the 21st century is staying relevant AND communicating your relevance in that noisy, dynamic space where new meets now. Luckily, Marketing Training Room teamed up with the American Marketing Association and Digital Marketing Institute to help you stay relevant today and for the rest of your career!

Join us for an info session + Q&A to learn more about the Marketing Training Room Digital Marketing Pro course!

In this short info session, you'll learn about:

  • The digital mindset - a new way to achieve business goals
  • Course options for digital marketing skills
  • What's included in the MTR Digital Marketing Pro Certification course
  • A "behind the scenes" view of the learning platform 
  • How to qualify for financial assistance for tuition  

Equip yourself with digital superpowers! Learn more in this 20-minute info session.


Get the Answers to Your Questions. Join Us for the 20-min. Info Session!