What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a software tool that does just what it sounds. It creates a process of setting up marketing materials to be automatically sent to customers when they trigger a certain event. If a customer visits a page on your site three times, a trigger is pulled and they are sent an email that tells them more about the content on that page.

For Inbound Marketing Automation, you must consider the changing needs of your leads. You should consider if they are just liking your Facebook posts vs. reviewing your pricing information. These two actions will result in very different automated steps. Either way, the goal is to move your customers further down the sales funnel with each step, not necessarily always going right for the sale.

Why Do I Need Marketing Automation?

It’s like a nurture auto-pilot. You create a series of cues, the software sees them, and releases the next stage of information. If it’s done well, Marketing Automation can make your life so much easier. It knows where your customer is focusing, and delivers them the information they need to move to the next stage of their buyer’s journey, exactly when they need that information, and in the place they’re looking for it.

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